Have a look through our resources for guides and inspiration on communicating climate change in your community.

Here we offer you some resources we have developed, along with some of our favourites created by experts in the field of climate engagement.

Let’s do Net Zero

A great new (2021) campaign from the Scottish Government. It brings together a wealth of information for individuals and businesses, and has media resources and guides for the #LetsDoNetZero campaign.

Toolkit for youth workers

We love this toolkit from Keep Scotland Beautiful – it includes activities to help young people learn about climate change and its impacts on the environment and people, and on taking positive action to tackle the climate emergency.

Talking about the Climate Emergency

The Climate Action Fife team has developed this guide to help you start climate conversations in your community. It’s based on our own experience, and on the research and resources created by experts in the field.

The Climate Action Fife project is delivering a programme of events and workshops to engage people on climate change. Some are general, some focus on specific topics, and some were designed for a particular audience. Feel free to use them and adapt them to your community – please let us know if you find them useful.

Local Food Workshop Guide

This event raises awareness of the climate emergency and how eating locally and seasonally can help the environment. It also discusses the benefits of eating

Community Tree Planting Guide

This event promotes local environmental opportunities and education on climate action. Think global, act local. It uses practical local action to plant trees with the

Meat Free Cooking – Event Guide

This event is for carnivores looking to incorporate a few vegetarian dishes into their weekly meals. The session provides carbon emission information on meat vs

Climate Action Fife is a development project (funded by The National Lottery Community Fund’s Climate Action Fund) and an important part of it is to identify and share our learning, as we go. That’s to inform our future work, and also to inspire and support other communities on their journeys to net zero.

Climate Change for Kids

Young people are often left out of the conversation on climate change, so we trialled some events aimed at this younger audience. We employed two local educators to deliver online sessions.

Climate Action For All

Greener Kirkcaldy held an online climate action event called “Climate Action For All: Finding Links for your Community” on the 13th May 2021. The event was aimed at community leaders who

Climate Friendly Holidays – Bikepacking Event

Greener Kirkcaldy held this event in February 2021. It was part of a series to encourage people to opt for staycations rather than flying – our Climate Friendly Holidays initiative. It

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