Climate Action Fife brings together individuals, communities, local government and businesses to tackle the climate emergency and make Fife a greener and fairer place to live.

Climate Action Fife is a Fife-wide partnership project between Greener Kirkcaldy, Fife Council, Fife College and Fife Communities Climate Action Network.

The ideas for this project come from our community

You’ve told us that you want to see ambitious action on climate change and that individuals, communities, government and business should work together to make this happen.
  • 83%

83% of Fifers believe that climate change is an immediate and urgent problem.

  • 88%

88% feel that individuals, communities, government and businesses will need to work together to tackle climate change.


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Andrea Elder

Local Food Workshop Guide

This event raises awareness of the climate emergency and how eating locally and seasonally can help the environment. It also discusses the benefits of eating

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Andrea Elder

Community Tree Planting Guide

This event promotes local environmental opportunities and education on climate action. Think global, act local. It uses practical local action to plant trees with the

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