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I will reduce my energy usage 

I will reduce my energy usage.

Making changes to your energy arrangements is a big challenge right now. In light of current issues, we have decided to change the first pledge of our Big Five (formerly “I will switch to a 100% renewable energy tariff”). The current advice is not to switch supplier. You can read Cosy Kingdom’s blog on the energy crisis and what it means for people in Fife here.

Reducing your energy usage will reduce your climate impact and will save you money. There are many ways to achieve this including:

  • draught-proofing your home
  • switching to LED bulbs
  • getting the whole family involved in switching off appliances
  • turn the telly off for the day…. and go for a walk instead! 

You can visit the Cosy Kingdom website for tips on how to reduce your energy usage and more energy advice.

I’ve taken the pledge, what next?

Energy Based Climate Action

The best way to reduce carbon consumption in your home is to cut down on the amount of energy you use. Visit Home Energy Scotland website to find more ideas to save energy, including installation of home renewables.

Cosy Kingdom Energy Advice Visits:

Cosy Kingdom’s team of qualified energy advisors can help you make meaningful, long-lasting reductions in your carbon emissions (and save you money). They will look at the energy efficiency of your home, chat to you about your household behaviours and create a tailored action plan that you can follow. They can provide advice on improving your home’s energy efficiency, behaviour changes to reduce energy usage, switching to green energy tariffs and installation of home renewables

Phone: 01592 807930

Tell people that you have taken a Big Five pledge

Share your pledge online using our #BigFiveForFife social media library where you will find readymade tiles for sharing on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

Please use the hashtags #BigFiveForFife and #ClimateActionFife on your posts.

Net Zero Nation

Take a look at the Scottish Government’s Net Zero Nation campaign for more ideas on how to take climate action.

Thank you for being a Climate Champion!


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