Big Five For Fife

With world leaders gathering in Glasgow, discussing the climate emergency at COP26, 2021 is a big year for climate action.

#BigFiveForFife: Take action during COP26

With world leaders in Glasgow this year for COP26 discussing the climate emergency, 2021 is a big year for climate action. We invite you to do your bit by pledging to do at least one of our #BigFiveForFife.

What are the Big Five for Fife?

In the lead up to COP26, Climate Action Fife have come up with a list of five actions that you can take that will help tackle the climate emergency. The actions chosen are high impact, but are achievable to most people. 

If we can get enough people taking part, then we can make a big difference in Fife, add to the legacy of COP26 and help make Scotland a more climate friendly nation.

How do I take part?

Take a look at the five actions listed below. Select one (or more!) that is achievable for you. We have a wide range to choose from.

Please complete the pledge form below to let us know that you are committed to climate action.

Now all you have to do is introduce the change into your everyday routine! You can find some tips on how to make your change here.

Share, share, share!

The more people we can encourage to take action the better, so please share our campaign online using the hashtags: 

#BigFiveForFife #ClimateActionFife.

We have pledge social media tiles for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, all ready to download. Head to our Social Media library and find your action in the list.


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