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Climate Engagement Plan

A big part of the Climate Action Fife project is the development of a climate engagement plan for Fife, trialing the materials through a programme of events and workshops, where we survey participants to see if the materials helped expand knowledge and change behavior in relation to the topic of climate change.

Why not come to one of our events and help us develop our plan to the best it can be.

Climate-friendly Businesses

We are working with businesses across Fife to help them become more climate-friendly. There are many ways we are doing this including helping to reduce their energy usage, supporting the reduction of food waste produced and informing them about climate change to inspire climate-friendly practices across businesses in Fife.

If you own a business and would like to find out more or get involved, please contact 

Climate-friendly Homes and Gardens

Through this project we aim to inspire people across Fife to become more climate-friendly in their homes and out in the garden, making carbon savings in everyday life. Through a series of workshops and home visits we will work with you learn to use your garden to encourage biodiversity and to reduce your energy usage in your home.

Book an energy advice visit or phone call with Cosy Kingdom or check out our What’s On page for upcoming Climate-friendly homes and gardens events.  

Climate-friendly Food

Holding workshops and working with people personally, we take a look at food and how various choices we make can influence the climate. This includes things such as reducing meat and dairy consumption, but also help in reducing food waste more generally week to week

In 2021 we held the first ever, Fife Food Summit. It was a great success with lots of people in attendance to learn about how we can be more climate-friendly with our food. Read more about the fife food summit and watch the keynotes and panel discussion here.

Check out our What’s On page for upcoming food events.

Climate-friendly Holidays

Through a series of events and working with Fife College, including students in Travel & Tourism we aim to get those in fife looking at how they holiday. The highlight of this events programme will be a unique ‘Staycation Festival’, bringing together local tourism organisations and showing people in Fife what Scotland can offer in terms of holidays.

We are also publishing blogs and social media posts with tips, advice and case studies, such as a bike-packing holiday case study and infographics sharing carbon journey figures.

Fife Solar Energy Co-operative

The Fife solar energy cooperative will research the technical and financial feasibility of a major new community renewable energy project. Once implemented, this will lead to carbon-savings over the 25-year lifetime of the solar panels, as well as valuable community engagement benefits from people seeing solar installations becoming the norm on community buildings.

Find out more.

Tree Planting Strategy

Our community tree-planting strategy will tackle the barriers and get more community groups planting trees. It will enable a major increase in the number of trees planted in Fife that will lead to long-term carbon savings. This will also lead to immediate psychological and social benefits from the engagement of volunteers and young people in tangible, meaningful climate action.

We are working with the Fife Biodiversity Partnership to develop our approach to community tree planting to support climate mitigation that covers the three stages of creating community woodland assets: Grow – Plant – Manage.

Fife Community Cycling Action Plan

We are creating a Fife Cycling Community Action Plan to look at the barriers to more people commuting by bike, and what measures would best address these.

Through surveys and conversations with stakeholders we will create a plan to help advise on initiatives that can encourage more people to commute and travel by bike.

Building Capacity

We want to get community groups across Fife to start engaging people on climate change, or expand their climate change work in their area. We are doing this through engaging with community groups and a small grants programme to enable groups to hold events, involving those in the community that aren’t already engaging with climate change.

If you are a community group interested in working with us, please contact us at 


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