Climate Friendly Business Accreditation and Award Scheme Survey
Climate Action Fife is exploring the idea of a Fife business accreditation and award scheme to recognise climate friendly behaviours and show customers that businesses are taking action on climate change. To help us do that, we have created a short survey for micro businesses, SME’s, community businesses and buildings, and charities in Fife. All businesses have a ‘carbon footprint’ – the emissions caused by energy use, waste, transport and purchasing. We are keen to hear from as many businesses as possible to find out if they have made or plan to make any changes to reduce carbon emissions. Maybe businesses have reduced their water usage or taken measures to reduce food waste. They might also have installed energy efficiency measures, eg. LED lighting, insulation, heating controls. Greener Kirkcaldy’s Senior Energy Adviser Kitty O’Connor said “A lot of businesses I have worked with over the years have expressed an interest in an climate friendly accreditation scheme to encourage them to make the changes, show their customers that they are serious about climate action, and receive recognition for their achievements”. Community Food Team Manager, Geraldine O’Riordan also said “It will be really interesting to hear if businesses have made changes already such as identifying their food waste hotspots and changing practices, as well as if they have particular innovations they would like to share that could help others, and benefit from recognition? We also want to hear from businesses who have considered energy and food waste reduction measures, but have not been able to achieve these yet. We want to hear why that is and how Climate Action Fife can help them” The Climate-friendly business accreditation and awards survey is open until 25 January 2022, 5pm.
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