ICYMI Demystifying COP26 Talks

The 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) took place in Glasgow at the start of November. World leaders came together to discuss progress made and future plans to tackle the global climate crisis. They signed an agreement in the final moments of the summit. In the run up to the climate conference, Climate Action Fife held a Demystifying COP event. We held this event to provide an overview of the issues that would be discussed and to consider how COP26 outcomes might impact us here in Fife. You can watch the interesting talks from the event below. Thank you to all the speakers for such a fascinating event.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, Catherine Payne

Catherine Payne, Climate Resilience Manager at Sniffer, kicked off the event with an impactful and realistic presentation. This explained how global warming will impact us globally, in Scotland and in Fife. She explained why scientists are so worried and gave an honest picture of the role of the Paris agreement and climate conferences in tackling climate change.  Then, she considered what the outcomes of COP26 might be. She outlined what changes would be required globally to reach our 1.5C target and how doing so would impact everyday lives. Catherine finished by talking about changes that could be made to our homes and  personal resilience to help us cope with the impacts of climate change.

Towards a Wellbeing Economy, Luckas Hardt

Next, Lukas Hardt of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance talked about the big picture and how we need to transform our whole economy if we really want to tackle climate change. He suggested we need to consider the climate crisis not just as an environmental problem, but also one of social justice. Also, he explained that our desire for economic growth is fueling climate change and preventing support for the nations of the Global South. He suggested that we will be unable to reach our climate goals without re-thinking our globally economy. Finally, Lukas described how a wellbeing economy could also deliver social justice on a healthy planet.

How COP26 outcomes could influence the Council’s approach to tackling the climate emergency, Ross Spalding

Ross Spalding, Service Manager for Climate Change and Zero Waste at Fife Council, brought COP outcomes to a local level. He began by laying out the Council’s legal duties on climate change, before describing their Climate Fife plan which aims for a climate friendly, climate ready and climate just Fife by 2050. He considered how outcomes from COP26 might impact the local level. Doing this by looking back at how previous summits have impacted council delivery. The presentation finished by discussing how influence from National Government combined with local policies, priorities and campaigns would guide local government climate policy.

Climate Action Fife Update, Craig Leitch

The final speaker was Craig Leitch, Senior Development Worker at Greener Kirkcaldy. He brought COP26 to a grassroots level by providing an update on the Climate Action Fife project. The presentation began by describing how the project is building capacity through a climate tool kit, Fife Climate Knowhow training; climate action workshops and through funding communities to run climate action activities. He explained how the project is empower community to take action through by delivering the Fife Food Summit; a Fife-wide Community Cycling Action Plan; and a Community Tree planting strategy. His talk finished with a celebration of the projects Line in the Sand event. This event saw 800 Fifers take a stand for climate change at beaches across the Kingdom.

The event finished with a call for personal action through Climate Action Fife’s Big Five For Fife campaign. Find out how you can make a difference here.

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