Storytelling in the Garden – Event Guide

This event is about engagement with nature through storytelling and art. Participants use stories and their imaginations to work out what we can all do to better take care of the people and places we love. And the planet.

Suggested length of session  2 – 2.30 hrs
Audience Community, Children and young people/families 
Maximum number of people  30 
Delivery location  Outside, in person. 
Resources This guide and a storyteller. We used Owen Pilgrim but there are many others.

A venue in nature is required. 

Aims of the event

To engage people about climate change and the plight of nature through storytelling. And to galvanise action through a pledge for the planet. 



This event is about engagement with nature through storytelling and art. 

Participants use stories and their imaginations to work out what we can all do to better take care of the people and places we love, and the planet for the future. 

Hopefully, they feel confident confidence to inspire by sharing their stories and pledging to take action on climate change.


What to do before

Find a Storyteller and a story that is based in nature.

Make sure you know the script and run time of each section.

A sign-up method, such as Eventbrite can be useful to gather email addresses, limit numbers and automatically send reminders of events. 

Email participants expectations for the event and what to bring. Include information on 

  • How to get there
  • Covid health and safety
  • A timetable of the event so that participants know what they will be doing
  • That alternate arrangement may be made in extreme weather/COVID restrictions.

Set up a feedback method based on your aims, such as an online form or survey.  Emailed forms also work but the online platforms collate information for you so are easier.

Make sure the venue is suitable. Hopefully you have access to a community garden or public greenspace. 

Arrange help (facilitators) for the event. 

Decide how you will gather pledges.


What to do during

  • Introduction

Introduce your group and let participants know what to expect from the event

  • Getting to know each other + event intro (20 mins)

1st round – say your name, 

2nd round – 3 min meditation: close your eyes and connect to your surroundings, notice what you hear, smell, feel or taste. Open your eyes and say one word of phrase to finish the sentence:

The Garden today is…. 

Introducing the event: Garden is so lovely today, it is easy to forget that our planet is in trouble and many people are worried about this. 

Many plants and animals have been losing their homes around the world and finding it hard to survive, and lots of them have disappeared altogether. 

You probably also heard that the planet is overheating and the weather is getting weird because people have been polluting the air with carbon dioxide and causing climate change. 

It’s a bit scary and we don’t always know what to do to help. Today we will use stories and our imaginations to help us work out what we can all do to better take care of the people and places we love, and the planet for the future. And maybe we can also inspire others in Tayport to do so too by sharing our stories.

We invited (storyteller) today to take us on a storytelling journey, we will start by listening to their story and then we will have a go making our own stories. At the end we will come back to share them and make a pledge for the planet.

  • Storytelling session (30- 40mins)
  • Discuss Main points of story – Framework (10-15 mins)

Chat about main points in the story and the symbols, eg. The witch as at the spirit of nature


  • Resource, what is it that you can use from the natural environment. Materials for creating things, or something you can eat.
  • Who uses it? What characters are involved
  • How it is used and what else can be made with it.
  • What can be done to ensure it remains sustainable?
  • Personal stories that relate to the theme and framework. (10 Min)

Share Personal Stories of facilitators that relate to the story being told to help participants own stories to emerge.

  • Art Activity (20 min)

Introduce activity:

  • Find personal story within Framework
  • Create artwork based on the story
  • Find space somewhere in the garden

Ask families to think of a personal story they have with a relationship to the theme, a natural resource in their environment. Create a short story, real or fictional, based on that resource.

Create an artwork, very simply, about the story or an element of the story. This could be an image or a map. 

Families then find their own space in the garden to work in. Give 20 minutes for this part, they can always finish the artwork later

  • Sharing (30 min)

Gather everyone back for sharing. Each briefly tells their tale and shares their artwork.

  • Planet pledge (20 min)

Reflect on what the stories inspire us to do in our own lives individually, as a family or community – what would be your one pledge to the planet you will take away from this storytelling journey. 

Sharing in a circle. Write it down on your story artwork.

Gather pledges for the Planet.


What to do after

Email a ‘Thank you for attending message’ to all participants. This should contain the link to your chosen feedback platform and refer to the pledges participants made.



Here are some great tips on how to run the event from PLANT.

  • Stick to the times and give people enough time to share and feedback
  • Bring a good selection of crafty things for drawing and sharing stories
  • Ask participants permission for photos for social media and invite participants to share on social media too.


Any other information

If you have any questions about this event guide please contact 

Please do not hesitate to contact us to request this document in large print or other formats.




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