Plate Up for Fife

Plate Up for Fife (2 part workshop): Tuesday 26th October & Tuesday 2nd November, 6pm-8pm (free)

Leading up to COP26, we all want to do our bit  to help tackle the climate emergency. Every bit of carbon saved is vital and there is plenty to be done in the kitchen!

Our Plate Up for Fife workshop programme will provide you with skills and knowledge to cook in a climate friendly way and you will go home with some tasty meals.

Workshop 1 will focus on reducing food waste, including  how to make homemade vegetable stock and savoury bread and butter pudding.  Workshop 2 will cover  eating locally and seasonally on with recipes for parsnip, fennel and apple soup and roasted vegetables.

We’ll also be talking about ways we can reduce our meat and dairy consumption, reduce packaging and eat healthily.

We’ll be trying out recipes using local and seasonal food, and our Community Chef Iain will demonstrate skills for using up leftovers and reducing food waste. There will be lots of information to share about the workshop topics to help generate discussion and have fun learning from each other!

To sign up, head over to our What’s On page.


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