Meat Free Cooking – Event Guide

This event is for carnivores looking to incorporate a few vegetarian dishes into their weekly meals. The session provides carbon emission information on meat vs plant-based diets and how to cook vegetarian recipes.

Suggested length of session  1.5 hrs (adaptable to your needs)
Audience All (Community, Young, Public Sector, Business)
Maximum number of people  No maximum online, dependant on venue if in person
Delivery location Online, but could be adapted for in person delivery
Resources  Look at the recipes and accompanying videos here.

Download the workshop PowerPoint slides: Meat Free Cooking PowerPoint (PDF)

Download the detailed workshop plan and script: Meat-Free-Cooking-event-plan.pdf

How to zoom –  a brief overview : How to Zoom a brief introduction (PDF)


Feast to Save the Planet (BBC) 


Meat Free Monday song (Paul McCartney) 

Aims of the event

To engage participants on reducing meat in their diet by sharing vegetarian recipes and cooking tips.

It is important to get the message across that we are not asking people to replace meat entirely from their diet, just for a few meals a week.



This session provides information on meat vs plant-based diets and how to cook. A community chef shares his favourite vegetarian recipes. The session promotes local and seasonal produce and the added benefits of carbon emission reduction. 

Here’s the text Greener Kirkcaldy used for online promotion:

Vegetarian cooking is more popular than ever before as more and more people realise that meat-free meals are just as flavoursome and fulfilling as traditional meat dishes.

This event is for carnivores looking to incorporate a few vegetarian dishes into their repertoire. Community Chef Iain McLellan will share his favourite vegetarian dishes, introduce vegetable based versions of classic recipes and give you some new ideas for cooking without meat. 

We will also consider the carbon benefits of cooking with plant based ingredients and celebrate local and seasonal food.


What to do before


  • Decide if you want a chef present and arrange staff for the event 
  • Make sure you know the script and how long each section is
  • Prepare the recipe videos by opening them paused in separate tabs ready for sharing. The event is structured around 3 recipes using vegetarian alternatives to meat. Videos are also available on Greener Kirkcaldy YouTube.  You could film your own videos if you prefer.
  • Have the recipe link available to share with participants too. 


  • Set up an online meeting platform such as Zoom. If you’re not already familiar have a play around with Zoom. We prepared a short guide here Link to PDF on website
  • Develop a PowerPoint presentation – you can adapt ours. Insert your own local details 
  • If you are sharing your screen or videos, make sure these work and have them open in separate tabs, for ease of access. Have the minimum open to keep your screen clear.
  • Have a list of links to videos or supporting resources ready to share in the chat in case something doesn’t work through presenting.
  • Arrange a sign up method. You can use Eventbrite, survey monkey or email


  • Reminder emails. Eventbrite and Facebook event listings are created with reminder emails sent with the Zoom link in advance. It’s up to you how many reminders you send out.  
  • Have contact details for attendees handy if they have any issues joining the workshop. 
  • Set up a feedback method based on your aims, such as an online form or survey.  Emailed forms also work but the online platforms collate information for you so are easier.


What to do during

This event is 90 minutes long and alternates between cooking videos and information about meat vs plant based food. 

Slides 5 – 9 is a food based Play Your Cards Right game. The presentation finishes with some top tips for cooking without meat. 

It is delivered in a relaxed manner, with participants encouraged to use the chat box and plenty of time built in for questions throughout. 

It works best if two people run the workshop – a host and facilitator. The event had a chef present to answer questions, but could be run without a chef present. You might have a member of your group who is into plant based cooking, you could invite?

Basic outline of the event:

  1. Introduction: Welcome, housekeeping & Introduction to food waste at Christmas.
  2. Why do we love meat?     
  3. Recipe video 1 – Lentil Bolognese
  4. What’s the problem with eating too much meat?
  5. Recipe video 2 –  Mushroom risotto
  6. Play Your Cards Right – carbon footprint of food
  7. Recipe video 3 – Harissa Cauliflower steak
  8. Top tips for eating less meat
  9. Thanks for coming and closing video 

The detailed workshop plan and script can be downloaded here 



What to do after

It is always good practice to thank participants and follow up with a survey to see if your event has had the required impact. Survey Monkey is a good free way to do this. 

You could ask participants to pledge to take one of the suggested actions in the presentation.



Here are some great tips on how to run the session from Greener Kirkcaldy. 

We ran this online event in January. This fits with people making pledges for their New Year resolutions and for Veganuary

Be clear on roles during the event:

  • The host is in charge of the meeting and bringing the rest of the team in as required, as well as keeping to time. The host is usually the person who designed the event and knows the outline best. 
  • Work as a team and support each other, don’t be shy in speaking up if needed
  • Chef Iain McLellan was present at the event to answer questions. This brought an additional level of expertise to discussion
  • Give plenty of opportunity for participants to ask questions

Videos: The most challenging part of this workshop is making sure the videos run smoothly

  • The facilitator should be in charge of sharing videos, leaving the host free to host.
  • Don’t forget to click the “share sound” and “video sharing” option of the screen share menu on Zoom
  • Have videos ready to run from the internet browser, rather than from the PowerPoint


Any other information

If you have any questions about this event guide please contact 

Please do not hesitate to contact us to request this document in large print or other formats. ____________________________________________________________________

By Greener Kirkcaldy


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