Climate Change for Kids

Climate Change for Kids

Young people are often left out of the conversation on climate change, so we trialed some events aimed at this younger audience. We employed two local educators to deliver online sessions.

Wild Planet Explorers aim to inspire and empower more children to care and take action for nature. Their fun and interactive sessions combine animal biology & conservation facts with imaginative play, music, interactive props & games. 

Jo from Wild Planet Explorers ran three 40-minute online sessions for us. The sessions were:

  • Deepa the Dolphin
  • Roddy the Robin and his feathery friends
  • Global Warming and Climate Change for 5 – 9 year olds

Her sessions are great fun and packed full of information. Jo communicate a passionate environmental message that encourage children to take action. The children were hooked on every word and had a great time. 

Hamespun Tales share traditional and original stories told orally in a fresh and fun way. There are plenty of opportunities to join in, have a giggle and help the story along. 

Sheila from Hamespun Tales shared 4 stories over two 45-minute online events. She chose traditional tales that were enhanced to include a sustainability moral. The stories were:

  • The King’s Tailor (reuse and repair)
  • Slops (food waste)
  • Mikku and the Trees (conservation)
  • The Mirror of Truth (active transport)

The kids were enthralled by Sheila’s stories, happily joined in with all the actions and thought hard about the morals when asked. A number of people attended both events.

Key learning points

These events were successful, and the children were interested and engaged on the topics. It is important to make sure that a parent attends alongside the kids. This way the grownups hear the sustainability message too. And can continue to discuss these with their children after the event. Sometimes the adults also get involved in the sessions.

Interestingly, sign-up for the children’s’ events was greater and quicker than for many of our adult “climate change” events, showing that parents are keen for their children to learn about the issue, though maybe less keen to educate themselves!

“Speaker events” are easy to put on and can be delivered online or in person. Running events online gives you access to a both a wider range of speakers and audience. But no shows will always be higher for free online events than for events in person or events that are charged for. You should bear in mind that some speakers will charge for their time.

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