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Climate action for all: Finding links for your community

Greener Kirkcaldy held an online climate action event called Climate Action For All: Finding Links for your Community” on the 13th May 2021. The event was aimed at community leaders who don’t engage their communities on climate change but who want to begin. 

The event was advertised through Fife Voluntary Action, our local third sector interface, through Fife Councils Community Council department and through Greener Kirkcaldy websites and social media channels. 

The targeted approach worked well and we sold out all 20 available spaces at the event. We also heard from other community groups, which led to other opportunities and meetings.

14 community leaders attended the event from Community Councils, Development Trusts, Family support organisations, a migrant support worker a church outreach worker. 

The geographical spread of attendees was good, with representatives from Auchtermuchty, Balmullo, Balmerino, Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy and St Andrews. The individuals were clear on the issues relevant to their communities and the barriers to taking action.  

Most of the participants had not tried to engage their community in climate action. Some had tried to get a local movement going but without success. All the participants were motivated to create change in their communities and were the right audience for the CAF project to engage with.

The event led to some excellent discussion. We identified both common and specific points of interest to all working with communities on climate change.

Barriers to talking about and taking action

We discussed barriers to talking about and taking action on climate change. These were:

  • Lack of education/awareness (Kirkcaldy)
  • No obvious meeting place (Balmerino)
  • Some people don’t think it concerns them (Kirkcaldy)
  • No one is talking about it, who’s going to be first?! (Auchtermuchty)
  • Negative stereotypes (East Neuk)
  • Basic level climate issue of recycling bins, lack of education, lack of knowledge to pass on (Gallatown)
  • Relatively dispersed community and quite a number where mobility would be difficult (Balmerino)

Climate Ready Places

We used Adaptation Scotland’s resource climate ready places. We asked what aspects of a climate ready town stood out

  • Renewable energy on buildings
  • Green carparks
  • Community education

Support needs 

We asked what support community leaders need to deliver climate action in their communities: 

General points:

  • How to start conversations with different audiences within community/ engaging whole of the community
  • How do you reduce stigma of second hand and repaired items
  • How to set up a plastic free community
  • How to set up group for sharing

Community specific responses:


  • Training and resources in engaging communities 
  • Resource and training in how to run a Community Fridge
  • Resources and training in how to run waste workshops


  • Training and resources on energy engagement and EV events
  • Training and resources on running food workshops
  • How things are funded

Gallatown, Kirkcaldy

  • Fundamentals of getting going
  • Funding pointers (to get recycle bins)


  • Training and resources in engaging communities 
  • Training and resources EV events

Key learning points

The event was useful to encourage community leaders to think about what they need to get their community taking action on the climate emergency. For the Climate Action Fife project, it was useful to learn what support different communities in Fife need. 

  • Communities are keen to start taking action on climate locally. 
  • Each community is different and needs a specific tailored plan that will tackle the issues that are important to them. 
  • Community leaders are keen to have training on how to engage their community and how to get everyone on board.
  • They feel they need help with fundamentals and first steps
  • Some want guidance on how to fund action

After the event, one of the organisation joined the Fife Communities Climate Action Network, another signed up for communicating climate change training and a couple successfully applied for Climate Action Fife Small Grants Funding to deliver climate change events.

Useful links

Adaptation Scotland: Climate ready places 

Any Questions?

Contact Craig Leitch, Greener Kirkcaldy by email 

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