Apple Picking and Pressing
With Autumn upon us, Clear have a September update for you.
It is Apple picking and pressing time of the year again.  Our 110 or so apple, pear and plum trees in the garden at Buckhaven and ones in the surrounding areas were all laden with fruits.
It is a hugely busy time of the year for us at Clear, where we have  mass volunteer apple pressing days.  Our first one this year took place on Wednesday 8th followed by another on Wednesday the 15th.  We were joined by people walking into our workshop area in Sandwell Street and offering to help, also had an organised group of school pupils from Levenmouth Academy for both occasions, plus our very dedicated volunteers turning up. I would like to express a huge thank you for your help. Both days the sun shone and over 100 litres of apple juice was pressed, bottled and pasturised. This was another record year for us and there are still lots of apples to be picked and pressed. So how did we get to this amazing situation?
Over 12 years ago, Clear planted the first of many thousands of apple trees into the Buckhaven community garden and then over the Buckhaven braes and this has been extended out into peoples gardens and into small pockets of land where new orchards can be created. Levenmouth Academy have also incorporated Apple and other fruit trees onto their school land. Wild orchards and fruit tree-planting  has become a template for many other areas in Fife and wider afield. Extensively we have used old Scottish heritage varieties of apples, pears and plums, thus ensuring their survival well into the future.
You may wish to join us on 25th September where Buckhaven Growing Space will be having an open day from 11-2 and you can press your own apples using the hand press and take home your own apple juice. Look forward to seeing you all.
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