Case study – Bikepacking in Scotland event

Greener Kirkcaldy held this event in February 2021. It was part of a series to encourage people to opt for staycations rather than flying – our Climate Friendly Holidays initiative.

It had a simple format of a guest speaker followed by a Q & A. The event was held online, on Zoom, and was free of charge.

Bikepacking is the cycle equivalent of backpacking. All your camping equipment is carried on the bike, and the adventure can start right from your front door.

We invited Marcus Stitz, founder of Bikepacking Scotland, to tell us about his bikepacking adventures and the network of trails across Scotland that he has helped develop. He showed us some amazing photos and short video clips. He also used his experience to give advice on planning a bikepacking trip and the equipment required, and he shared some insider tips. We gave Markus’s talk context with a brief introduction to Climate Friendly Holidays. That included the need to tackle the climate crisis and the benefits of staycations on our carbon footprints.

We advertised the event using our website, social media and newsletter using the event name ‘Bikepacking in Scotland: Discovering the past – enjoying the present’. Marcus also promoted it online. This event clearly appealed to Greener Kirkcaldy’s and Bikepacking Scotland’s cycling audience and booked up very quickly. 97 people signed up and 62 people attended on the night.

At the end of the event, we used the poll function on Zoom to collect feedback. 100% of those attending said that they were more likely to opt for a staycation, having attended the event. We also sent out a follow up after the event using Survey Monkey. That collected more feedback about the event and whether attendees were planning to change their usual holiday habits as a result. Marcus was an inspiring speaker and the feedback was very positive. 

Key learning points

Events like this, with a guest speaker, are very easy to put on and can be delivered online or in person. The cost to put them on is fairly low, especially online, but do bear in mind that some speakers will charge for their time.

Running such events online will give you access to both a wider range of speakers and a wider audience. But we have found that free online events run the risk of high numbers of ‘no shows’ – people who sign up but then don’t attend.


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